Blogging & SEO

I have just looked through the blog statistics, and to my joy the number of readers of this blog is growing steadily. I can only say a big THANK YOU to all of you! I truly value every single one of you, and hope that you are finding it useful for yourselves and that you can use it in any way to build a blog for yourselves. I will keep working hard to bring in good valuable content, so we can all keep moving towards our goal of building a sustainable long-term prosperous business – whichever niche you are in. Link to SEO Oshawa Video


While I am building a business for myself, I want you to learn with me and build your own business. Blogging will help to follow and record your journey, see where you were succeeding and where you made mistakes. I want you to be able to look back when you are firmly standing on your feet and see how it all started. I want you to celebrate your successes and learn from your failures. I also want you to teach others to avoid the mistakes you have made. I see my blog as my friend who helps me achieve my goals. I am soon going to do quite a bit of brainstorming and mind-mapping to help me create my first product, so will be recording everything in my blog. I hope that it will help you with your product creation process too.  And when the product has been created and is ready to be launched, we will talk about how to market and sell it, the processes to follow, people to involve… and getting our first sales. So this is the kind of stuff I am going to share with you.


What you will be writing in your blog is of course up to you. However, I suggest you do the same as I do – start at the beginning of your journey, record your steps, day after day, even if your goals are still not clear, and ideas are vague. I promise you that little by little, as you write about your doubts, share your plans and ideas, things will soon start taking shape, and the road ahead will be getting clearer and clearer. Recording your thoughts takes a huge load off your brain, and you start seeing everything from a different perspective, as if you were an outsider. You will be able to give advice to yourself if you do it, I promise! And recording your actions, day by day, will hold you accountable – to yourself! You will see it too as you move on – that you will be compelled to act. Good thinking plus persistent action brings incredible results, and this is what I want for you.


Please be sincere, and do not pretend that everything is great, because it won’t always be.  Share the failures, the bad stuff that you have to go through and overcome. Not to the point of persistent moaning of course – but to make your journey alive and believable. People will love you for succeeding, but they will love you even more knowing what a high price you had to pay to get where you are. Stories of this kind are inspirational. Don’t try to invent troubles, just be frank and be yourself. And one more thing which I have just added after posting the blog – don’t pretend that you know an answer to every question if you are a newbie. Be honest, and admit that you are learning and sharing what you are learning with your readers. Failures and weaknesses are  endearing, and will win you a lot more friends. Read more here


And one last thing to say about blog writing – make sure that what you are recording is not only going to lighten your emotional burden, but is going to provide great lessons for your readers too. In fact, if you want to succeed in business, always put interests of others before your own. I mean do a huge amount of sharing. Free is good for business, especially if it does not cost you anything but time. Information is the easiest thing to give for free, and the more you give, the more you will get back. Time will come when you will start reaping rewards of your giving. In the meantime – do start writing!


I am sure that we will talk more about the subject of writing. But for now I would like to say good night.